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Turn your mobile into your wallet! Send money to anyone you wish or use it to withdraw cash instantly!

winbank ΛσΛ (“winbank Λεφτά στο Λεπτό” or “winbank Instant Cash”) application enables you to:

- Withdraw Cash from any Piraeus Bank’s ATM without the use of your card

【免費財經App】winbank ΛσΛ-APP點子

- Send Cash to anyone you wish (who can withdraw the cash without the use of a card)

- Locate you nearest Piraeus Bank service point (ATM, Branch or easypay machine)

- Contact Piraeus Bank 24 hours a day

【免費財經App】winbank ΛσΛ-APP點子

As with all winbank services, the winbank ΛσΛ transaction is carried out with the utmost security:

- You login to the application using your winbank web banking credentials.

- The recipient receives (for use at the ATM) a unique single valid code (“Withdrawal Code”).

- The code is valid for a few hours and for the exact amount originally requested.

【免費財經App】winbank ΛσΛ-APP點子

In order to use the application you must be registered in winbank web banking - Piraeus Bank Greece.

【免費財經App】winbank ΛσΛ-APP點子

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