winbank Mobile Cyprus

【免費財經App】winbank Mobile Cyprus-APP點子

Piraeus Bank has created the application winbank Mobile for your smartphone so as to make your day-to-day business processes easier, more comfortable and safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our featured functionality for the winbank mobile application is as follows:

- Get information about balances and transactions related to your accounts and cards

- Transfer funds within Piraeus Bank Cyprus (between your own accounts & to third parties)

- Remit funds to any bank in Cyprus and abroad (SWIFT & JCC)

【免費財經App】winbank Mobile Cyprus-APP點子

- Pay Cards

- Pay CYTA and EAC utility bills

- Locate ATMs and Branches via maps with GPS tracker

For further information please contact us via:


【免費財經App】winbank Mobile Cyprus-APP點子

Telephone: + 357 22 575555

【免費財經App】winbank Mobile Cyprus-APP點子

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