xConnect allows you to access various Hills security products remotely.

xConnect gives you the same features that are available when accessing your security system locally.

These include (depending on your authorisation level):

Arming and disarming the system


Checking the arm status

Checking the history of events

Configuring the system

The look and feel and features are the same as when connecting to the system's web pages locally via a LAN connection, but with the ability to do it anywhere with a connection to the internet.

xConnect supports multiple remote sites for customers with more than one system.


Each site must be initially setup with a name and description that is shown on the main site list, as well as some credential information.

Once setup, the main page of xConnect will show the list of sites.

For example, if you have systems at home and in the office, the main sites list will show two sites.


Accessing each site is then as simple as clicking on the site name.

xConnect will then automatically login to the system using the credentials that are saved for that site.

The required credentials are typically provided by your security company representative.


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