With yourPL8, social networking has reached a new level where anyone has the ability to contact anyone else by simply using their vehicle's license plate number. You can use yourPL8 to check for comments on your own plate and to leave comments on someone else's tag, without even needing to know their name. Comments are anonymous unless you choose to add contact info. There is no need to log in or register and yourPL8 is free to use.

There are plenty of reasons why someone might want to use yourPL8 such as:

- Redirect your road rage to a safe and effective outlet

- Comment on someone's driving or parking using their PL8

- Find the year, make and model of a vehicle

- Help prevent and resolve hit and run accidents

- Help prevent and resolve missing person and amber alerts


- Tell someone you like the wheels on their car

- Retrieve an item you left in a taxi

- Tell someone they left their car lights on

- Ask someone where they bought their hat

- Communicate with that attractive person you locked eyes with at a red light


- Send customers in your parking lot a coupon

Be creative, the possibilities are endless!

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