Photo and video memories are the most valuable things we share during events. Often these disappear in the cloud. solves this and will change the way we share photos and videos.

Go to yubby.com to start your free account to use with the yubby app.

What makes yubby so great to use:

- Capture memories -

Never miss any photos or videos made by your guests when they are using to make memories

- Frictionless sharing -

Capturing and sharing should be frictionless. Yubby embodies this by making it easy to capture and share.

- Instant togetherness -


Everyone instantly see captured photos and videos which develops in a feeling of unmatched togetherness.

- Cross platform -

People use different devices, we support all of them. If they can send an e-mail, they can use Yubby.

- Smart invitations -

Every event has an own unique URL for invites which guides guests to install the app (if needed) and guided directly to join your event. We even give you a smart QR code for printed invitations or signs.

- Live slideshow -

Show your photos and videos live at your wedding with the live slideshow option. When any guest uploads a new photo to your yubby wedding it's instantly added to the live slideshow!

Try it now!

Create your account on yubby.com and try out how easy and fun it is to share photos and videos at your wedding or event!

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