zee Favorites Compact

【免費工具App】zee Favorites Compact-APP點子

All from ONE app :

* Place Phone Calls

【免費工具App】zee Favorites Compact-APP點子

* Text ( SMS ) Groups of People

* Text Message Individuals

【免費工具App】zee Favorites Compact-APP點子

* Visit Web Pages

* Email Groups of People

【免費工具App】zee Favorites Compact-APP點子

* Email Individuals

Store your favorite top 30 contacts and web sites.

Nice BIG buttons makes it easier to see and use than the small shortcuts on your home page.

Recently added auto-dial and the ability to change the text size on the buttons.

Increased text size and large buttons makes it easier to use while driving, is very handy for the visually impaired ( or with older eyes like mine ), and makes it easier to see in the daylight.

It will be your most used app.

Text Messaging works with all popular text messaging apps such as Handcent and ChompSMS.

Works with all email clients.

【免費工具App】zee Favorites Compact-APP點子

Other Keywords : Trouble seeing, legally blind

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